Scotland 2012 - Photos - St. Andrews Castle Course - Front Nine

This is a set of photos taken during the 2012 trip to Scotland.
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Clubhouse as Viewed From Course Starting Area
The 1st tee is to the left of where this photo was taken.
The practice range is to the left (as viewed from here) of the clubhouse.
The 9th and 18th greens are behind and to the right of the clubhouse as viewed from here.

St. Andrews Castle Course - Front Nine

Distances are from the Yellow Tee markers; "Regular" tees and (Red) "Forward" Tees

1st Tee - The Starter Will Advise!

Basically: Generally - Play your shots away from the sea.
The course - even though a cliff-top area - slopes mostly in the to-the-sea direction.

1st Tee - 377 Yards (300 Yards), Par 4

A very fair opening hole. Aim your tee shot at the left-side fairway bunkers and fade back to the center.

1st - Second Shot

1st - Green Area

Looking Back Down the 1st Hole

Yes, there is a tree on the Castle Course! Not much shade, however, in April.

2nd Tee - 394 Yards (344 Yards), Par 4

Just don't go right, off the tee.

Front Tee

The fairway opens up, visually, from the front tee - however, the burn is "more noticeable" as well.

The Burn
Not (often...) in play - but, is there!

2nd - Second Shot
The first time you will (probably) notice the view of the town from the Castle Course.

2nd - Green Area
Although sloping/multi-level - a variety of pin placements add to the challenge/pleasure of playing the 2nd at the Castle Course.

Take the time to look around at the wild/wonderful grounds.

3rd Tee - 179 Yards (145 Yards), Par 3

Front Tee

Approaching The 3rd Green

3rd Green Area
(Camera Zoomed: The town is not this close! However, I like this photo!!)

(Photo taken from Tee area and shown here Cropped/Zoomed)

3rd - Looking to Town From the 3rd Green Area

4th Tee Area - Looking Out To Sea
You are heading away from town for this terrific par 5 - However, take a look around! That is the 7th green (I think...) that you see below you.
I hope the sun is shining on the day that you play this hole.

4th Tee - 518 Yards (476 Yards), Par 5

4th - Second Shot
Heading to the burn.
Keeping your second shot short of the burn, left side of he fairway, normally provides for a nice lie.

4th - Green Area

5th Tee Area
Now, you are heading back towards town. Back-to-back Par 5s and, again - take a look around!

5th Tee - 504 Yards (446 Yards), Par 5
Remember to keep your drive in an "away from the sea" direction: Left, on this hole.

5th- Second Shot
Try to stay left-ish with this shot; however, the rough can be long just off the fairway on this hole.
Also, due to the hill left-side, it is difficult to see where your second shot lands.
Result: The possibility of lost balls is increased on this hole. Oh, well... You are (perhaps) on vacation!

5th- Approach Area

5th - Green Area

Take a look back down this fine par-5.

6th Tee Area - Looking to Town
The 6th is a wonderful / challenging par-4. Take a look to town before you drive-away.
Although the camera shows this photo zoomed, somewhat - the eye-view is still terrific.

Near the Forward tee of the 6th is a viewing area. If not pushed for time, go to this high spot and look/photograph around!

6th Tee - 399 Yards (355 Yards), Par 4
A nice drive, on the line of the fairway's aiming-marker, will roll down the hill and allow for a long-iron second shot.

Front Tee
Forward tee players (normally...) love this down-the hill tee shot.

6th - Second Shot
Depending upon the tee shot and down-the-hill roll, some of us will play this as a par-5 and lay-up short of the well-protected green area.

6th - Approaching the Green Area

6th - Green

6th - Looking Back to Town From the 6th Green Area

6th - Looking Back Up The Hole
A fine par-4 -- leading, next, to the great par-4 7th.

7th - A Great Par-4
On the front-side, this is (in my opinion) the best golf hole - of a number of excellent holes - and is a near-perfect par-4.

Before Starting the Hole - Look Back to Town and Out To The Sea - From the 7th Tee
(Click on the following to see in a larger-sized image)

7th Back Tee - 456 Yards Par 4

7th Tee - 429 Yards (341 Yards), Par 4

Front Tee

A Camera-Zoomed Photo Of Tee-Shot Landing Area

7th - Second Shot
From 185 Yards - Difficult, to see the Green.

From 150 Yards - Easier, to see the green - If you are not in the fairway bunker....

7th - Approach Area
Some of us will be short with our second shot.

7th - Green Area
Sloping - But plenty of nice pin placement areas.

8th - Again - Take a Look Around
This view is from the 8th tee - showing the 7th green you just left, with the town in the distance.

Looking in the to-the-green direction, you see a beautiful par-3 with the 9th hole, the clubhouse, the sea - and the cliff tops in view.
Take your camera out!

8th Tee - 129 Yards (122 Yards), Par 3

Front Tee

8th - Green Area
A multi-level green that is very fair - assuming you place your shot on the correct level for that day! Otherwise, just accept that it is a 3-putt.

If your tee shot hits this green - there is a good chance you will be chipping from the back area of the green.
A popular spot!

Once on the correct level - OK! Drain the putt.

Again: Look around!
From the 8th green area - Looking back to this fine par-3.

From the 8th green area - Looking forward to the 9th and, perhaps, a clubhouse quick-stop.

The Back "Pro" Tee on the 9th
I will never play this tee... Some people will.
The hole "only" plays 450 yards from here - and, if you give this tee a try: Make sure the group ahead of you is on the 9th green.
I would guess the carry is about 250 yards on the line of the clubhouse. Anything left of that is a lost ball without hitting it nearly 300 yards.

The Back Tee on the 9th
DEFINITELY favor the right side from any tee -
and, keep your drive short of the right-side bunkers (I have never been over that far right... I normally am left and "in the junk"....).
The yardage book shows these bunkers about 220 yards. Play short of that off the tee - down the RIGHT side of the fairway.
A nice line is, in fact, left side of the clubhouse in the distance.

9th Tee - 351 Yards (314 Yards), Par 4

Front Tee
Although this photo is camera-zoomed, this shows the line from this tee.

9th - Second Shot Landing Area

Looking back, this is the drive area you just finished.

Another view of the 9th tee shot landing area.
The photo is taken not far from the back-side of the clubhouse area (near the practice range).

Sometimes, your drive or your second shot may be "far right".
Ok... You can handle the approach from here.

9th - Approach Area
If your second shot is short of the green - or you hit a monster drive - the green is mounded/up a bit.
A Scottish roll-up third shot is fine; just "hit it" - otherwise you will roll back.
Don't be long with this shot... there may be hikers behind the green before the sea.

9th - Green Area
Here is where you are going.
If the player misses this green and/or is on the "wrong" level of the day: 3-or-4 chips/putts are probable.

A shared green with the 18th.

9th Green - You Made It!
When you get to this green - Forget about how many strokes it took to get here this front nine.
Just, enjoy the day.

Heading to the 10th Tee Area
As you walk to the left of the clubhouse, back near where you started the round, to find the 10th tee - See where the 18th Flag is!

And, take a look up the 18th. You will be back here in a couple of hours.

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