Scotland 2014 - St. Andrews Links - Castle Course - April 2014

This is a continuation of my previously-shown photos from our bi-annual visits to St. Andrews. These photos are currently being worked on - as time allows - but, I place them here for my convenience and for your possible enjoyment.

I will be modifying this Web page and its shown-photos until this message is removed. Thank you for your patience!

Yardages, below, are from the Yellow Tee and (Forward Tee). The Yellow tee is the "tee of the day" for visitors.

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From the St. Andrews Links Trust Scorecard and Course Guide:
"The Seven" Course Layouts
The Castle Course Layout
The Course Scorecard

Arriving at the Castle Course

The Castle Course Clubhouse
As viewed from the 1st and 10th tee areas.

The Ball-Striking Practice Area
This is located adjacent to the clubhouse area.
The putting and chipping practice areas are across the parking area,
near the 1st and 10th tees,
to the back-left as viewed from these photos.

More Views From 1st and 10th tee areas.

Early-Morning Sun at the Castle Course - April 18, 2014


All holes of the Castle Course aare not shown delow. If you are interested in seeing all holes, go to the Web site:

Eventually, I will merge the 2012 and 2014 Castle Course photos to show all the holes in one place. Thank you for your patience.

1st - Castle Course
Par 4, 337 (300) Yards
1st - Tee Areas
1st - Second Shot Area

2nd - Castle Course
Par 4, 394 (344) Yards

2nd Fairway, Second Shot - Castle Course
This is from about 225 yards to the green.
The first time the town shows up in the distance.

2nd Fairway Bunkers - Castle Course

2nd Approach Area - Castle Course
When a little bit short, chipping or putting is in play!

3rd - Castle Course
Par 3, 179 (145) Yards
3rd Forward Tee View
3rd Tee Areas
3rd Regular Tee
3rd Green Area
(Camera-Zoomed from Forward Tee Area

3rd Green Area
(Camera-Zoomed from Regular Tee Area

3rd Green Area...

3rd Green Area...

4th - Castle Course
Par 5, 518 (476) Yards
4th Tee Shot Landing Area
From here, the player would normally lay up short of the burn that is 70-to-80 yards to the green.

4th Second Shot Landing Area
Stay short of here on your second... or third... shot
(Your shot is arriving from the right as viewed here).

5th - Castle Course
Par 5, 504 (446) Yards
5th Second Shot Area
The right side chimneys of the building in the distance is a perfect line for the second shot.
5th Second Shot Area (Camera Zoomed)

5th Approach / Green Area

5th Green Area
When your approach ends up on the correct level of this green - You will be fortunate!
Looking Back Down the 5th and the Castle Course - Viewed From the Upcoming Viewing Area Near the 6th Tees

6th - Castle Course
Par 4, 399 (355) Yards
6th Viewing Area
There is a viewing area on the 6th, between the regular and front tees.
Take your camera to the viewing area - and: Save the photos!
6th Viewing Area - View Back to Regular Tee

6th - Upper Fairway - Forward Tee on the Right Side
There is an aiming-stick at the top of the 6th fairway hill.
"Hit the Stick" and, perhaps, roll down the hill to shorten your next shot.
6th Second Shot Area
The bunkers to the left (as are the ones on the right..)
are all in-play. Some of us will just hit a stay-in-the-fairway lay-up shot.
6th Approach Area
The third shot area, for some of us, to this Par-4.

6th Approach Area - From Right Side of the Fairway
6th Green Area and View To Town
Looking Back the 6th at the Castle Course - On A Foggy/Mystical Day
Pure pleasure. Especially, when one is on vacation!

7th - Castle Course
Par 4, 429 (321) Yards
7th Tee Area - Looking Back to 6th Green and To Town
7th Tee Area - Looking to Town
7th Tee - Castle Course
7th at the Castle - Second Shot Area
Views of the 7th and Surroundings
Viewed From the Coastal Path
(7th Fairway to the right of this view)
Full-Photo View
Viewed From the 7th Fairway
(Sea and Coastal Path to the left of this view)
Full-Photo View
Same Photo Cropped/Zoomed
Same Photo Cropped/Zoomed
7th Green Area
A very fine/fair green - Once you get here!
A terrific golf hole.

8th Tee - Castle Course
Par 3, 129 (122) Yards
8th Back Tee
8th Visitor Tee
8th Forward Tee
8th Green Area
Views From the 8th Green Area
Out To Sea
Back To The Tee
To The 9th Tee and 9th Green

9th - Castle Course
Par 4, 351 (314) Yards

9th Visitor Tee
Don't go left. A safe line off the tee is the left corner of the clubhouse.
9th Forward Tee
From this tee, only slightly-right is (normally...) OK!
9th Tee - Looking Back to the 8th and to Town
9th Tee - Similar View, On A different Day
9th Fairway Views
Tee Shot Landing Area(s)
Second Shot View
Early Morning Look Back Up The Hole
Green Area
9th Green Area - Chipping
Many of us would be pleased to be in this position after two shots.

9th and 18th Greens - Castle Course
After 9, walk the path shown here, walking past the clubhouse to your back (as you view this photo) to find the 10th.
It is back where you started the round! That area holds both the 1st and 10th tees.
First, enjoy this morning view of the 9th and 18th greens.

10th Tee - Castle Course
Par 3, 154 (130) Yards

10th Tee
Favor the Right-Side - From any Tee
10th Green Area
Many of us will have this as our second shot on this fine par-3.

11th Tee - Castle Course
Par 4, 385 (289) Yards

Looking Backwards Off The 11th Tee
11th at the Castle
A deceptively-uphill journey!

12th Green Area - Castle Course
Par 4, 415 (340) Yards
Once we arrive at the green area: We often see why we made a good decision to play this Par-4 as if it was a par-5.

15th - Castle Course
Par 5, 555 (509) Yards

15th Tees - Castle Course
Burn at the end of this hole. I sometimes, even, complete the entire hole score-wise.
A hard/fair/terrific par-5.

15th Back Tee
15th Tee

15th Second and Third Shot Areas
These photos were taken early-morning, as the sun was rising over the sea.
Laying up short of the burn is a good idea....

15th Second Shot Area
15th Third Shot Area

15th Approach Areas and Green

15th Green Area Looking Back To The Fairway and Across the Golf Course
With the early-morning sun, now, to our back.
We made it over the burn.... We two-putted! Well done.

Early-morning View
From 15th to Town

16th - Castle Course
Par 4, 390 (346) Yards

16th Tee - Castle Course
Green is uphill at the end of this par-4.
I have only seen one player's shot to be long with the second shot to the 16th green. We never found the ball...

Some Early-Morning Views of the 16th
16th Tee - Into The Morning Sun
16th Tee - Looking Back To 15th Green With The Morning Sun
16th Fairway Area - Into The Morning Sun

16th Approach Area - Into The Morning Sun
If you miss your second shot.... you are here.
16th Chipping Area - The Morning Sun is No Problem - The Raised Green Obscures The Early-Morning Sun!
Or, more likely - you are here.

17th - Castle Course
Par 3, 174 (142) Yards
Commitment is needed. Luckily, there is a Drop-Zone.
Enjoy the view. The bench is a terrific after-walk-from-the-clubhouse stop, mornings or anytime.

17th Back Tee
17th Visitor Tee
17th Forward Tee
Drop Zone is the area to the front-left as shown in this photo.

Looking for the "best" photo of 2014's set of 17th Castle Views...
17th Back Tee - Another View

Visitor Tee - Another View

Full View- Once Again!

The Grand Canyon...
Use the Drop Area....

Turn Right to Find the Coastal Walk From/To Town

Closer Shots
From the Drop Area

From The Bailout Area

Looking Back to the Tee, As The Morning Sun Rises, Onto This Special Golf Hole

18th - Castle Course
Par 5, 533 (430) Yards

18th Tee - Castle Course
Hit the Tree. Don't Go Right!

18th Second Shot Area
After a Nice Drive - 280+ Left to Go From Here
Same View - Camera Zoomed To Second Shot Landing Area

You Made It!
9th and 18th Greens - Castle Course

After Play at the Castle Course


All holes of the Castle Course were not shown above.

Eventually, I will merge the 2012 and 2014 Castle Course photos to show all the holes in one place. Thank you for your patience.

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