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08/11/2008: "Mixed-tee Competition and Handicap Stroke Adjustment"

I wonder why, quite often, when tournaments are held that involve mixed-tees (for example, Back, Middle and Forward) the rules sheet does not point out what the stroke adjustment should be. For example, if the course rating difference for the Middle and Back is two strokes, sometimes the rules sheet just says "Adjust your handicap accordingly" or something to that affect.

I bet that sometimes the Forward tee player subtracts (in this example) two strokes from his/her handicap at the forward tee -- and, a Back tee player adds two strokes to his/her handicap. If this happens, the forward tee player is at a distinct disadvantage.

Or, sometimes a few players adjust their handicap for the competition -- and, some other players from the same tee forget to do so.....

Have you had this happen in a competition that you are involved with?

By the way: I happen to agree with adjustments when mixed tees are used. Is the "formula / technique used" correct? Debatable.... but, as long as everyone does the adjustment the same way, things average out.

Thank you, in advance, for any comment on this.

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on Saturday, August 16th, Jim Hickman said

Mixed tee tournaments are always difficult and full of controversy due to the handicap adjustments. Whether you agree or disagree with the adjustments, they are matter of fact.

A suggestion for tournaments:
1. Define the tournament as a xxxx tee tournament. By defining the tee for that tournament - all will know what the adjustments should be.
2. If you play from a different tee than the defined tournament tee, the proper handicap adjustmens should be made by the ProShop.

Ex. SGA events - defined as white tee tournments. Therefore, all blue tee players will add two strokes (or whatever) to their blue tee handicaps; red tee players will subtract five strokes (whatever) from their red tee handicaps.

Those are my thoughts

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