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08/11/2008: "Should Age or Gender Be Part of a Decision Regarding What Tee To Play From?"


I sometimes see, for example, very-junior players, playing with a parent from a "front" tee but, there happen to be two more tees that he/she could play from further front and (in my view) enjoy the game more.

Same (for me, increasingly so!) for us older-age players.

As I mention in the main entry for this type of discussion: I am of the view that a player should play from a tee that affords the player a chance to hit ten-or-so non-par 3s in regulation. That's sufficient criteria for me.

Any comments from your side on this?

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on Tuesday, August 26th, Alistar said

Golf was and is a "gentleman's" game. Age has never been an issue. Scoring ability (in competition) is taken care of through one's handicap. Whenever scoring/competition problems arise, in my experience, it is lack of information/education/honesty and not age.

on Friday, August 22nd, SCScompA said

Age or gender is not part of the equation, in my view. I am interested in other player's opinion, though, and look forward to reading other comments.

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