Scotland 2014 - St. Andrews Links - Jubilee Course - April 2014

This is a continuation of my previously-shown photos from our bi-annual visits to St. Andrews. These photos are currently being worked on - as time allows - but, I place them here for my convenience and for your possible enjoyment.

I will be modifying this Web page and its shown-photos until this message is removed. Thank you for your patience!

Yardages, below, are from the Yellow Tee and (Forward Tee). The Yellow tee is the "tee of the day" for visitors.

Click on smaller-sized photos to see in a larger-size image.... If you wish to!

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From the St. Andrews Links Trust Scorecard and Course Guide:
"The Six" Course Layouts on the East Side of Town
The Jubilee Course Layout
The Course Scorecard

Arriving at the Jubilee

The Visitors Clubouse
Services The Jubilee, The New and whoever visits!
The Jubilee 1st Tee is just to the right as you view this photo.

The 1st Tee Area
The course has been here for awhile. Check-in is just to the right.
1st tee is just to your left. 1st Green is straight ahead!

The Visitors Clubouse - View to Town
Turn around and see the town-view
as you arrived for play
Or, after play!

The Tee Area
Hit it straight!
Favor slightly right...

To Your Right is a Practice Putting Area
This view is from the Jubilee 18th green area.
You will be back here in 3 1/2 hours.

(Note: We did not take photos of all Jubilee golf holes in 2014. If you have not already seen such, please go to: ).

1st Tee - Jubilee Course
Par 4, 337 (318) Yards
(Reminder: The smaller photos are clickable if you want to see them in a larger-sized image).

1st Tee
1st Green Area
1st Green Area...

2nd - Jubilee Course
Par 4, 352 (271) Yards

2nd Tee
2nd Green Area

3rd - Jubilee Course
Par 5, 524 (506) Yards

3rd Tee
3rd Green Area

4th - Jubilee Course
Par 4, 349 (332) Yards

4th Fairway to Green View
A straight-forward golf hole -
if you are in the fairway all the way.
4th Green Area
Shared with the difficult/wonderful 14th hole
that you will play later in the round.

5th - Jubilee Course
Par 3, 141 (132) Yards

5th Tee
5th Green Area

7th - Jubilee Course
Par 4, 341 (329) Yards

7th Second Shot Area
The rest area is to your left.
Hopefully your drive did not catch a bunker!
7th Green Area
Uphill approach and a difficult 2-putt.
A fine golf hole.

8th - Jubilee Course
Par 4, 344 (326) Yards

8th Tee
Left is Out of Bounds. Right is not fun.
A slight right-to-left "off the right-side of the fairway" tee shot is perfect.
The green is in a "bowl"/wind-protected area to the left of the right-middle-corner as viewed with this photo.

9th - Jubilee Course
Par 3, 182 (143) Yards

9th Tee
Out there is a "new" green for the 9th.
Moved to its present location in 2012.
9th Green Area
The previous green was to the immediate left of the new green.
The 11th and 12th fairways are behind/to-the-right of the 9th green.

11th - Jubilee Course
Par 5, 488 (470) Yards

After the long par-4 10th, the 11th is the first of two consecutive par 5s.
The 10th, 11th, 12th - as with most holes on the Jubilee - are wonderful driving holes.

11th Fairway Tree
After your drive, you may find the tree "in play". Hopefully, not!

12th - Jubilee Course
Par 5, 516 (479) Yards

The second of the two consecutive par 5s is longer than the previous 11th -- and, at the end:
The green is a challenging approach and putting area: Mounded and well-positioned back into a wind-protected area.

A very strong par-5; one of the best that we play during our Scotland visits.

12th Tee
That is the 11th fairway to the left - and, further-left "up the hill" the 10th - as viewed in this photo.

13th - Jubilee Course
Par 3, 176 (147) Yards

13th Tee
That is the Par-5 12th fairway "coming at you" on the right as viewed in this photo.
13th Tee...
Photo-zoomed view.
13th Tee...
Turn around - And view the Sea.

14th - Jubilee Course
Par 4, 423 (415) Yards

The first of five terrific finishing holes at the Jubilee.

14th Tee
Another excellent driving hole. A repetitive statement for the Jubilee - but, it is a fact!
Bring your "driver's game" when you play the Jubilee.

16th - Jubilee Course
Par 4, 418 (409) Yards

16th Second Shot Area
After a nice drive, many of us will be faced
with a long/challenging second shot.
16th Green Area
Photo-zoomed view from the 16th Second Shot Area photo.

17th - Jubilee Course
Par 3, 199 (180) Yards

17th Tee
Heading to town! A wonderful view at any time.
17th Green Area View to Town
Magnificent on a sunny late-afternoon / early-evening.

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