Scotland 2012 - St. Andrews Links - New Course - Mid-April/Early-May 2012

The New Course is one of the St. Andrews Links Trust managed courses. The New is one of the three courses that we play the most when we visit Scotland. We take advantage of the Links Trust 7-day Ticket and their 3-day Ticket - that are, in my view, prime examples of public golf sharing its wealth with others. With the Ticket, a player can play six of the Links Trust managed courses (all courses other-than the Old Course): We play, regularly, three: The Castle, The New Course and the Jubilee. This may sound like a publicity comment - but, it is not: I can only hope that the Links Trust continue the Ticket program until my next visit to St. Andrews! I assume that the Ticket program will remain if a sufficient number of golfers participate; that, is why I mention it here. I want the program to remain in place!!!

This Web page has some photos taken in 2012. I have some comments as I show the photos; just ignore the comments if they get in the way of anything!

I am not a camera/photo-expert; the photos are taken using a mid-price-range 3-year-old digital camera. Your camera is probably superior! If you have photos of the Jubilee Course or any of the St. Andrews' courses that you could point me to - I would love to see them.

We enjoyed the days -- and, we hope you enjoy the photos.

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St. Andrews Links - The New Course - Front Nine, April/May 2012

St. Andrews Links - The New Course - Back Nine, April/May 2012

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The Clubhouse

Getting Started

Where you Are Going

Where you Are Ending
This view is from behind the 18th green - just in front of the clubhouse.

Wonderful Driving Holes
The New is mostly straight-out and straight back-in; with a few hole's being an exception to that rule.
This is one of the straight-out holes: The par-5 3rd.

Wonderful Driving Holes...
After five holes straight out - a U-turn gives the player this wonderful view of town - and, challenging tee shot.
Par-4 6th on The New

Playing Alongside The Old Course
The front side of The New is separated from The Old by the public walking path.
Certainly, play The Old if you can - but, I guarantee you will also enjoy The New!
The New was opened in 1895.... So, it has had time to develop its own character.
These are two views of The Old Course from the New's 8th fairway.

Why 18-Holes?
Well.... One opinion of why most golf courses have 18-holes is that the Old Course (and the New, 200 years later)
ran into the Eden Estuary as the course developed. Ok... 18 is a convenient number!
This is the par-3 9th on The New Course.
After this (as with The Old Course): Head back into town.

Town Views
In 2012, construction "got in the way" of beauty - but, believe me:
Especially late afternoon rounds - the views of the town from The New are terrific.
As they are from The Old and The Jubilee, as well.

On Most Holes on The New - Don't Be Long
The player, often, on The New Course has a very difficult or impossible shot when he/she overshoots the green.
However, if you have time to do so: Take a look from BEHIND may of the greens. Terrific, views.
This from behind the 10th.

On Most Holes on The New - Don't Be Long...
This from behind the 14th.

Finishing Up!
Enjoy the clubhouse views, afterwards!

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St. Andrews Links - New Course - Front Nine, April 2012
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