Scotland 2012 - Photos - St. Andrews New Course - Back Nine

This is a set of photos taken during the 2012 trip to Scotland.
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After Nine
The Back Nine of the New is the furthest point from the clubhouse - at the end of the Eden Estuary.
The 10th tee overlooks the estuary and, to the left: The Jubilee Course.

I find it hard to believe that I did not take a photo of the Jubilee nor the estuary.... but, I will someday and add those photos here. In the meantime, this is a scanned image from the "St. Andrews Links The New Course" scorecard showing the New Course layout and where you are as you begin the Back Nine of the New.

The Jubilee is much closer to the New's back nine than the comment on the scanned image indicates. For example: The shown-location for the toilets and drinking fountain are shared by the New and the Jubilee.

St. Andrews The New Course - Back Nine

Distances are from the Yellow Tee markers; "Regular" tees and (Red) "Forward" Tees

10th Tee - 457 Yards (427 Yards), Par 4 (Front Tee Players: Par 5)

On a clear day, you can see "forever"!
A challenging drive from any tee. A long carry to a "hidden" fairway over the mound in the distance.
Front tee players well may simply carry their ball to the fairway past the mounds and play their third-shot from there. Why not....

10th - Approach Shot
I did not take a photo of the second shot on this long par 4.
The dunes to your left may give some relief from wind on your second and third shots.
Many of us will be short after two shots and will be faced with this fun Scottish-style-of-play run-up-is-fine approach shot.

10th - Looking Back
Bogie is fine on this long, challenging par-4.
You well may be delayed playing off the shorter par-4 11th tee - so, take time to view back-down the 10th.

11th Tee - 331 Yards (308 Yards), Par 4

A fun golf hole.
The drive is "hit it long" - and, no real trouble.... except for the very-long hitter who may find the fairway bunker on the right --
Or, a missed drive may find the fairway bunker left.
The green is slightly uphill at the end of this short hole.

11th - Green Area
I did not take a photo of the second shot on this short par 4.
This green is slightly uphill and well protected with bunkers and rough.
For some reason I often go long with the approach to this green and end up with a challenging downhill putt.
I DO enjoy this golf hole, though!

12th Tee - 493 Yards (447 Yards), Par 5

Again: A great-fun drive: Just "hit it long"! A wonderful example of links golf: Watch the ball bound-along down the fairway.

12th - Second or Third Shot Area
Depending upon your dive (and the wind!) this is the view for a shot of 150-yards to the green on this par-5.

12th - Approach Shot Area
Long hitters may not be faced with this shot; they may already be on the green (depending upon the wind..).
There are some fairway bunkers that come into play for those of us who have three shots to this par 5.
This green is very receptive. Relatively large and relatively flat.
A fun golf hole and even for those of us who take three shots to the green: A birdie is a possibility.

12th - Green Area
This shot is taken from the 13th tee, a few steps away from the 12th green.
The photo shows the generally flat 12th green.

13th Tee - 147 Yards (133 Yards), Par 3

As with many holes on the New: Hit enough club!
The uphill-located green slopes back-to-front. Hole in one is possible, here -- as is a 3-putt.
Or... You may find one of the greenside bunkers...

The 14th tee is just to the right of this green and players are asked to not hit their tee-shot on 13 until the 14th tee is clear.

Of course, as often is true..., the forward tee may be near to the gorse and the front tee player needs to get his/her tee shot up quickly.
(Click on either of the following to see that image in larger-size).

Regular Tee
Forward Tee

13th - Tee-Area Gorse
Although this photo is "zoomed" and, as such the green appears closer than actuality,
this shows how the forward tee player can be affected by the gorse.

13th - Sloped-to-Front Green
Hit enough club on this hole - even from the greenside bunkers!

14th Tee - 370 Yards (363 Yards), Par 4

A fine par-4.
Another wonderful driving hole on The New Course. Just try to not go right - or left - off the tee....

14th - Looking Back Down The Hole
I did not take a photo of the second shot on this par 4.
Basically: A very fair golf hole for all players.

15th Tee - 379 Yards (312 Yards), Par 4

Another fine wonderful driving hole par-4. Try not to go right; the green is a difficult approach shot from the right.

15th - Green Area
I did not take a photo of the second shot on this par 4.
The green is large (shared green, with the New's 3rd hole), slightly mounded with a false front - and, not an easy two putt.

15th - Green Area...
Again, showing the shared green with the New's 3rd hole.

16th Tee - 416 Yards (388 Yards), Par 4 (Front Tee Players: Par 5)

When played later in the day and the sun is out - the views from here-on-in of the town and its spires are inspiring! Special, certainly.

A long hole for the regular-tee player (depending upon the wind...) and, again: A fine wonderful driving hole!
The better player who enjoys long-iron or hybrid-club shots will enjoy all three of the finishing holes at the New Course.

16th - Second Shot
This is after a nice drive and with about 210 yards to the green.
Although not clearly-seen in this photo, the green is located just in front of an "old tree" that you WILL see as you line up this shot.
It is located on the line of the first St. Andrews' steeple that you see viewed right-to-left from this fairway.

16th - Second Shot...
This view is camera-zoomed, showing the Jubilee Course's 16th green to your left. The New Course's 16th green is to the right of the shown-path.
Both 16th holes - on the Jubilee and on the New - are terrific golf holes.

16th - Green Area
Every time I have played this hole - since 1978 - I have wondered how long this tree would survive. I hope that it does - for many years.

16th - Green Area...
Looking back down this wonderful golf hole.

17th Tee Area

This view is looking back - after you reach the 17th tee.

You may have to wait on your tee shot to the par-5 17th at the New Course.
OK. A perfectly-located bench awaits.
For enjoying now - or, when / if you (after golf) walk back to this spot to enjoy the later setting sun overlooking the town of St. Andrews.
As many people have said in the past - and, will say/experience in the future: "A magical place".

17th Tee - 211 Yards (192 Yards), Par 3

Depending upon the wind -- you MAY love this golf hole.

Trying to stay left-ish, without getting into the left rough and for SURE not getting left of the path, is perfect.
The green is slightly mounded - think "Donald Ross"-type if you are an American (as with many Scottish greens) - so:
Hit one more club than you would normally play for a shot of 200-or-so yards.

17th - Green Area Bunker
Actually, this photo is taken from the New Course 18th tee.
The par-3 17th golf is shown looking back down the hole in the left-side of this photo.
The bunker shown is the one protecting the right-side of the 17th green (as viewed from the 17th tee).
The golf hole you see in the center-and-right-side-background of this photo is the Jubilee 2nd hole.
Play there in the morning if you are playing the New Course in the afternoon.
A wonderful two-round day.

18th Tee - 397 Yards (386 Yards), Par 4 (Front Tee Players: Par 5)

What can I say... Another great driving hole on the New Course.

With terrific views of the town, if history is part of your pleasure of playing St. Andrews.

18th - Second Shot
No mystery - just, try to not be left.

18th - Green Area
Many of us are short on this par-4 after two shots - or, here in regulation if playing the forward tee (par-5).
You may have spectators.. so, hit it close - and one or two putt!

18th - Green Area...
Looking back down the 18th after a round on the St. Andrews' New Course.

18th - Green Area...
Looking back down the 18th and up the 1st of the St. Andrews' New Course.

After the Round

Enjoy a Fish and Chips in the St. Andrews Links Visitor Clubhouse - while watching others complete their round on the New Course.
Relaxing - Viewing

Fish and Chips
The Near-Perfect Between-Rounds Meal

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