Scotland 2009 - St. Andrews Links - Castle Course
- A Golf Day end-April 2009 -

The Castle Course is the newest addition to the St. Andrews Links Trust managed courses. The Castle Course is located a short distance from St. Andrews and overlooks the castle-side of town.

The course is built upon land used for grazing/farming and has views of the sea and town from most holes.

In 2007, we were fortunate to walk the under-construction course during our April 2007 visit to St. Andrews. The course was open for play mid-2008 and, in November 2008 the Castle closed for the winter and Scottish winter-time course maintenance/re-shaping, etc. It re-opened on April 1, 2009 for the 2009 season.

On April 25, 2009 (two years from our first walk around the course area) we were fortunate to play The Castle Course. This Web page has some photos taken that day -- and, pointers-to holes taken for each of the Castles' 18 holes.

We enjoyed the day -- and, we hope you enjoy the photos.

If you wish to (rather than go through the photos I selected for this web page) go directly to the Front and Back nine photo Web pages that I have put together, just click on:

St. Andrews Links - Castle Course - Front Nine, April 2009


St. Andrews Links - Castle Course - Back Nine, April 2009

Otherwise -

Layout - As Shown on the Castle Course Layout Document
From the Links Trust, St. Andrews Scotland
Castle Course 1st Hole Castle Course 3rd Hole Castle Course 6th Hole Castle Course 7th Hole Castle Course 9th Hole Castle Course 15th Hole Castle Course 16th Hole Castle Course 17th Hole Castle Course 18th Hole

Selected Photos From the Above-Mentioned Front and Back Nine Web Pages:

Distances shown on Tee Coments, are from the Yellow Tee markers; "Regular" tees and (Red) "Forward" Tees

1st Tee - 377 Yards (300 Yards), Par 4

1st - Green Area

3rd - Looking Back to Town From the 3rd Green Area

6th - Green Area

Looking Back to Town From the 7th Tee

9th Front Tee

15th Tee - 555 Yards (509 Yards), Par 5
The first of two long holes headed to the sea.
Be careful with your second/third shot on this hole. A burn awaits before the green.
Slightly right or slightly left off the tee is OK.

16th - Green Area
Uphill. Multi-level. Large. A three-putt is a strong possibility.
By now, hopefully, you are enjoying the round and not minding your score!

17th Tee - 174 Yards (142 Yards), Par 3
The multiple tee locations are welcome and invite a lot of variety to the player.
A "bailout" area is provided to the left of the green; however, the bunkers come into play if you take that path.
A wonderful match-play hole!

18th Tee - 533 Yards (430 Yards), Par 5
From the Yellow and Red tees, the preferred line for the drive is quite clear.
Although it is difficult to see them (in this picture), the players in the right-center of this photo are probably in their third-shot area.

18h - Green Area
Someday I get a better picture - but, until then, this is a view of the shared 18th and 9th greens.

Clubhouse - As Viewed from 18th and 9th Greens

If you have not gone to the following before (pointed to at the start of this Web page)and want more photos from Castle Course on April 25, 2009 just click on:

St. Andrews Links - Castle Course - Front Nine, April 2009


St. Andrews Links - Castle Course - Back Nine, April 2009


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