Scotland 2009 - Photos - St. Andrews Castle Course - Back Nine

This is a set of photos taken during the 2009 trip to Scotland.

Comments are sparse. Someday I will add some additional comments. If you have any questions -- give me a shout.

The tenth tee is directly behind you as you stand on the 1st tee, where this photo was taken.

St. Andrews Castle Course - Back Nine

Distances are from the Yellow Tee markers; "Regular" tees and (Red) "Forward" Tees

Back Nine Layout - As Shown on the Castle Course Layout Document
From the Links Trust, St. Andrews Scotland

Castle Course 10th Hole Castle Course 11th Hole Castle Course 12th Hole Castle Course 13th Hole Castle Course 14th Hole Castle Course 15th Hole Castle Course 16th Hole Castle Course 17th Hole Castle Course 18th Hole

10th Tee - 154 Yards (130 Yards), Par 3
Back Tee - 167 Yards

Yellow and Red Tees
Staying right is not a bad idea. Hit there - and, take a bogie-four or, better yet: A one-putt three.

10th - Green Area

11th Tee - 385 Yards (289 Yards), Par 4

Front Tee

11th - Second Shot
From 140 Yards - Uphill - Stay Left

11th - Green Area
Uphill is apparent, when you arrive here.

12th Tee - 415 Yards (340 Yards), Par 4
Many of us will play this as a par-5 or hope for a one-putt par 4.

Front Tee

12th - Second Shot
Play this as a par 5.... A nice lay-up is fine!

12th - Approach Area to the Green
Now, it is apparent why many of us will play this as a par 5.

13th Tee - 154 Yards (119 Yards), Par 3
We loved this hole. The yellow-tee player had a par-three; the red-tee player had a birdie two. Fun.

Front Tee

13th - Green Area

14th Back Tee - 400 Yards, Par 4
A caddie or "local knowledge" will be of benefit on this fabulous par-4: From any tee.

14th Tee - 376 Yards (312 Yards), Par 4
From this tee, the hole appears to go right-to-left. Wrong. Slightly left-to-right.
From the yellow tee a 3-wood may be sufficient. Do not go right!

Front Tee
Straight and long. If short, the red-tee player should just play this as a par-5.
The second shot, clearing the center-fairway mounds/gorse, makes this a very challenging par 4.

14th- Second Shot
From 145 Yards. Possibly, a 3-wood got you to here.
If you pushed your drive right -- you cannot see the green; if you find your ball!

14th - Green Area
Some players will LOVE this hole. Others, will curse it.
Any two-putt is appreciated.
This hole will evolve over the years to be one of the best par 4s we play when we visit Scotland.

15th Back Tee - 585 Yards, Par 5
You just finished the wonderful par-4 14th. Climb a short hill, now, to this terrific par-5.
If not the highest tee on The Castle Course -- it is close to being that.

15th Tee - 555 Yards (509 Yards), Par 5
The first of two long holes headed to the sea.
Be careful with your second/third shot on this hole. A burn awaits before the green.
Slightly right or slightly left off the tee is OK.

Front Tee
Right, if possible, from this tee. The second shot, again clearing the center-fairway mounds/gorse is, easier if you stay right.

15th - Second Shot
From 300 Yards. Be careful to not get greedy. The burn in front of the green comes into play.
Depending upon the wind....

15th - Third Shot
From 140 Yards. Now, the burn is REALLY in play. Depending upon the wind....

15th - Green Area
Uphill, after the burn. Multi-level. Large.
Be happy to reach this green; in three, four, five, or more. Enjoy. Don't worry about your score!

16th Back Tee - 406 Yards, Par 4

16th Tee - 390 Yards (346 Yards), Par 4
A wonderful driving hole. The hole plays longer than you might suspect - due to the slightly uphill green area.

Front Tee
No mystery to this hole. Just, long! Plan on three shots.

16th - Second Shot
From 160 Yards. Hit at least one more club than you think you should.
I doubt if many players are long (over the green) after this hole's second shot.
Depending upon the wind....

16th - Green Area
Uphill. Multi-level. Large. A three-putt is a strong possibility.
By now, hopefully, you are enjoying the round and not minding your score!

17th Back Tee - 184 Yards, Par 3
Enjoy this view - on your way to the Yellow or Red Tee.
A golf hole that will be memorable!
The tee shot requires a full carry over the "grand canyon".

The multiple tee locations are welcome and invite a lot of variety to the player.
A "bailout" area is provided to the left of the green; however, the bunkers come into play if you take that path.
A wonderful match-play hole!

17th Tee - 174 Yards (142 Yards), Par 3
I used the bailout area (left, on the line of the bunkers) the first time I played the hole.
The second time, the tee was forward (160 Yds) and I "went for" the green.
With one mulligan - Success. After two putts, I marked it as a 3 rather than as a 5. I was on vacation...

Front Tee
Terrific views. Challenging shot. Enjoy!

17th - Green Area From the Bailout Area
Even from the bunker, not a bad place to be - to approach the green. Thank you, course-designer!
The undulating green is not an easy two-putt. Bogie is fine on this hole; even a double bogie will often win in match play.
This green is laid out perfectly. From the tee, the player must be very precise (difficult to be, on a windy day).
From the bailout area, the green is "longer" and offers a chance for all of us.

17th - Green

Take a Look Back
After you leave the 17th green, as you walk to the 18th tee, take a look back. A beautiful golf hole.

18th Back Tee - 555 Yards, Par 5
A long, sweeping hole. The line for the drive is to the left side of this picture.
The green is located to the right of the clubhouse.

Tee-shot View from the 18th Back Tee
A preferred line is just left of the lone tree - if I remember correctly (I play the Yellow).

18th Tee - 533 Yards (430 Yards), Par 5
From the Yellow and Red tees, the preferred line for the drive is quite clear.
Although it is difficult to see them (in this picture), the players in the right-center of this photo are probably in their third-shot area.

Front Tee
Thank you, again, for the multiple tee locations.

18th - Second Shot
From 330 Yards. No harm in laying up, here.

18th - Third Shot
(Not sure, but probably from about 140 Yards).

Back up the 18th
Before you chip or putt, take a look back up the long 18th. You made it to here! Congratulations.

18h - Green Area
Someday I get a better picture - but, until then, this is a view of the shared 18th and 9th greens.

Two Happy Golfers

Clubhouse - As Viewed from 18th and 9th Greens

I can highly recommend, after the round and beverage of your choice, the chef's Sticky Toffee Pudding!

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