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08/25/2008: "What are the Top Five-or-So Factors (Matters) that Make Golf Enjoyable at your Golf Club?"

This question may apply to your own (home) club if you belong to a private or semi-private golf club, or it may be that you are a golfer who plays a number of courses. I am curious, though, what are a few factors that make your golfing experience enjoyable.

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on Monday, August 25th, SCScompA said

I will answer this from a home-club point of view. Perhaps, when traveling/vacationing there would be a different list. In any case:

1. The walking-while-playing part of golf. Especially when doing so with my favorite golfing partner. A 3-hour or so walk-in-the-grass with my partner, experiencing some good/bad golf shots, is very special. I am fortunate that golf is still a "walking" game at my club. Some clubs make this part of golf a difficult/near-impossible/impractical matter.

2. The shower/relax time after golf.

3. The other players/golf events at our club. I am lucky to belong to a club that has a number of events on a regular basis and I often play with and meet new playing partners / club members.

4. Being able to easily stop play after two-plus hours when I wish to do that. I am lucky, in that there are stopping points on each of our courses after a little over two-hour's time. On hot or very-cold days, my playing partner and I drop a car off at one of these two stopping points. After a two hour golf/walk we get into our car, drive back to the clubhouse, and enjoy the rest of the day.

5. Golf course condition. Again, I am lucky in this regard. Our course is maintained very well -- even though I complain about "aeration" too often.... Overall: I am a lucky golfer!

Affordability, course-scenery, quietness/peacefulness of the surroundings and other factors combine to make golf what it is (to me) -- but, from an everyday perspective, I think the above are my top five contributors to golf enjoyment at my club.

I will be interested in what are a couple of points that others have on this topic.

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