Scotland 2016 - St. Andrews Jubilee Course

As our April-timeframe trips to Scotland and St. Andrews came about, we always have played The Jubilee Course.

As a player begins play on the Jubilee, he/she should not be misled by the start (wide 1st fairway and not a long starting hole). The course is filled with challenging links golf-holes and will always be on our "must play" list.

This Web page is, for now, just a holding place for 2016's photos that I select for later-on merging with photos selected from the 2014 April trip.

(The photos, below, are from information provided by the Links Trust to players/visitors who come to St. Andrews).
"The Six" Course Layouts on the East Side of Town
The Jubilee Course Layout
The Course Scorecard

Following, is a work-in-progress selection of photos of the Jubilee Course during our April 2016 trip to St. Andrews.

Click on any of the following smaller photos to see in a larger-sized image.
(The Hole-Layout images shown below are Course Guide Layouts provided by the Links Trust to players who play The Jubilee Course).
(Hole Lengths are from the Visitor tees and the (Front) tees).

1st Tee
Par-4, 337 (318) yds.

Looking Back from 1st Tee
On a Grey Day
Looking Back from 1st Tee...
Tee Time Coming Up Soon!
Looking Back Down the 1st Hole
Viewed from the 2nd Tee
The (Back-of View of) 1st Green
Viewed from the 2nd Tee
That is The New Course in the background of this photo.

2nd Tee
Par-4, 352 (271) yds.

2nd Hole Jubilee Course - Second Shot Area - 110 Yds to Green

Take the Correct Path!
Or take shelter if needed...

3rd Tee
Par-5, 524 (506) yds.

3rd at The Jubilee Course - The first of many great driving holes at The Jubilee

4th Tee
Par-4, 349 (332) yds.

4th Hole Jubilee Course - Second Shot Area - 130 Yds to Green

5th Tee
Par-3, 142 (132) yds.

5th at The Jubilee - A large, Multi-level Green Awaits.
The pin is normally right-lower level. Good!

6th Tee
Par-5, 480 (422) yds.

If you have a birdie at The Jubilee - It well may be here!
If you can stay out of the bushes...

7th Tee
Par-4, 341 (329) yds.

9th Tee
Par-3, 182 (139) yds.

A new (the present, shown in this photo) green location was opened in 2014.
Prior to that, the green was on the top left part of the green-area shown, below. (Quite near the 10th tee).

14th Tee
Par-4, 423 (Par-5, 415) yds.

A wonderful driving hole - with a very-fair green at the end (a shared-green with the Jubilee 4th).

15th Tee
Par-4, 346 (341) yds.

A positional-driving hole.
The "ditch" area before the uphill green will require some of us to lay-up before the ditch with the second shot.
Longer hitters may want to hit a 3-wood off the tee.
If you don't drive 'straight" on this hole, the mounds and bushes come quickly into play... and, you might not enjoy this golf hole!
I always enjoy it... I am on vacation!
Walking out of the "Ditch" in front of the green at the Jubilee Course 15th.

17th Tee
Par-3, 199 (180) yds.

The Jubilee Course 17th Green Area

18th Tee
Par-4, 405 (372) yds.

Finish up with Another Great Driving Hole at The Jubilee Course 18th Hole
The players shown in this photo are about at their second shot area on the 18th.

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