Scotland 2016 - St. Andrews Eden Course

We have been going to St Andrews for many years; since 1976-78 (I would have to check far-back records to know the actual year!). In those early years, I played the Eden once-or-so a visit. Then, as the years went on: The New Course, the Jubilee Course and, eventually, the Castle Course dominated our playing time in St. Andrews. I ignored the Eden for many years.

Luckily for us, we gave the Eden Course a try in the latter days of our 2014 April trip. We loved it, even though we only played it twice during that trip. The Eden fits my "game" now quite well (age and its affects have crept into my game) and during our 2016 trip we played - and, enjoyed - the Eden a lot. I do not mean to imply that it is a course for only we-oldsters or for younger players; the Eden is a very good/challenging-enough course affording any player a true links-golf round. If your time schedule in St. Andrews is such that you can give the Eden Course a try: Do so - you will not be disappointed with the quality and un-complicated nature of the Eden. Will you score better than on the New, the Jubilee or the Castle? Probably.... What is wrong with that? We played the Eden a number of times during this 2016 April trip -- and: We enjoyed each round/day that we spent in that part of the Links Trust - managed course area.

This Web page is, for now, just a holding place for 2016's photos that I select for later-on merging with photos selected from the 2014 April trip (those photos are on another Web location that I manage; let me know if you are interested in seeing those photos).

(The photos, below, are from information provided by the Links Trust to players/visitors who come to St. Andrews).
"The Six" Course Layouts on the East Side of Town
The Eden Course Layout
The Course Scorecard

Following, is a work-in-progress selection of photos of the Eden Course during our April 2016 trip to St. Andrews.
Someday, I will merge all "years"' photos that we have taken of the Eden Course into one Web page. Someday.... When time allows.

Click on any of the following smaller photos to see in a larger-sized image.
(The Hole-Layout images shown below are Course Guide Layouts provided by the Links Trust to players who play The Eden Course).
(Hole Lengths are from the Visitor tees and the (Front) tees).

1st Tee
Par-4, 301 (270) yds.

1st Tee area - Looking Back to the Practice Area and to Town

1st Tee area - Looking to the Starters House

1st Tee area - Looking to the Eden Course Clubhouse
Not easily seen in this photo -
However, the Strathtyrum Course 1st tee is to the right-side of this photo, next to the clubhouse. We try that course, someday!

3rd Tee
Par-4, 402 (Par-5 402) yds.

The Old Course is on the other side of the path.

Gorse Management In Progress
"The Gorse Will Return!"

5th Tee and Green
Par-3, 125 (119) yds.

5th Tee
That is the 8th Green (another par-3) on the far left-side of this photo).

5th Green
(A cropped photo from the one shown above on this page).

6th Second Shot Area
Par-4, 376 (371) yds.

(The players shown on the right-middle of this photo are on the 7th hole, heading "back" alongside the 6th hole).

7th Green - Looking Back Down the 7th Hole
Par-4, 307 (291) yds.

7th Green Looking Back Down the Hole
The green is quite-a-bit above the approach area.
Twice, I was short-right with my approach shot and tried to putt up the incline (I was VERY close to the green both times).
Each time, the ball was on the green for a short while - and, then: Ended up in the greenside bunker.
I am a slow learner.

8th Tee
Par-3, 155 (139) yds.

That is the 5th Green (another par-3) on the right-half of this photo).
Both of these are excellent Par-3s.

Another Day on the 8th Tee.

Another Day on the 8th Tee....

Another Day on the 8th Green.
(A cropped photo from the one shown on the left of this page).

Often, on the 8th (and, on the 5th) the "mounded" greens require a careful chip/putt to the hole.
Once on the Green - Look around.
The accompanying dog did not care about his owner's chip/putt!

9th Tee
Par-5, 484 (466) yds.

9th Fairway
A wonderful view anytime --

From the 9th Tee, a glance over to the Eden 3rd Tee and the Old Course, beyond.

11th Tee
Par-4, 364 (327) yds.

12th Tee
Par-4, 326 (283) yds.

(There are a couple of bunkers located on the right side of 12 that are not shown on the Course Guide).
12th Second Shot Area - 150 Yds to Green

12th Tee Area Looking to Town

12th Tee Area Looking to Town
(A cropped photo from the one shown above on this page).

13th Tee
Par-4, 404 (Par-5 404) yds.

13th Second Shot Area
Three shots needed most days for us.... Getting old, you know!

14th Tee
Par-4, 334 (316) yds.

The players on the left side of this photo are on the Par-3 15th green.

14th Fairway Looking to Second Shot Area
Sometimes, it is prudent on this hole to "lay up" short-right side of the green.
14th Approach Area (When Bail-out Right)
Green Area
Showing how close the green is to the second-shot hazard.

15th Tee
Par-3, 151 (108) yds.

"Bailout" on the right side of this green is not too bad.
The pond is very close to the green straight-ahead, with a carry of about 165 yards.

16th at The Eden
Par-5, 523 (433) yds.

16th Tee
16th Second Shot Area
Weather - Clouds: Often, spectacular!
17th Green Area Clouds
17th Green Area Clouds (Cropped Photo)
17th Green Area Clouds...

17th Tee
Par-4, 407 (378) yds.

17th Second Shot Area Views

From 160 yds to Green

18th Tee
Par-4, 354 (317) yds.

18th Tee (on another day)
18th Second Shot Area
18th Green Area

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