Scotland 2014 - St. Andrews Links - Eden Course - April 2014

This is a continuation of my previously-shown photos from our bi-annual visits to St. Andrews. These photos are currently being worked on - as time allows - but, I place them here for my convenience and for your possible enjoyment.

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This is a "Holding Place" for photos of the Eden Course. The photos, here, may be repeated on another-shown page of this series. Thank you for your patience with duplications....

I will eventually make a final-cut of Eden Course 2014 photos. Until then, bear with some photos (below) that may seem repetitive. Thank you for your patience!

I have to comment on The Eden and our visit-to-it in 2014. I had played the Eden a few times in the late 1970s and early 1980s; but, I had "ignored" it as we came to enjoy the New Course, the Jubilee Course and (as time went on) the Castle Course. Each visit to St. Andrews, we would hear others say "Try the Eden" and we often said that we would do so.... but, time/other-courses just seemed to get in the way of our playing the Eden. In 2014: We had the time to try the Eden and we are very happy to "return to the Eden" after 20+ years. The Eden has changed since we played it 20+ years ago; but, I was happy with it and I would certainly recommend anyone who wants to play a non-complicated links course that is in excellent condition and with all the atmosphere that one would expect to enjoy (being in St. Andrews and adjacent to the Old Course and in the vicinity of the Links Trust-managed courses that we play regularly: The New, The Jubilee and, down the road The Castle): A pleasure to play. If I was going to use one word to describe The Eden, I would use: Uncomplicated. With that said, though, you may suspect that the course is "easy". Yes, it is easier to shoot a good score on the Eden than on the Old, New, Jubilee or the Castle -- but, still: It is all the golf course that one needs and is a pleasure to play. Enjoy!!!

Played on a day in combination with a round at one of the other courses - a non-complicated 9-or-18 holes on The Eden can contribute a lot to your overall enjoyment of St. Andrews.

There are two other opportunities on The Eden side of the land managed by St. Andrews Links Trust. We will give those a try, as well, the next visit we make to St. Andrews. As was true with The Eden (while we glanced at the nearby two course's golf holes), those courses looked to be in terrific shape/condition. Perhaps, as we found out was true about The Eden: We are missing an opportunity by not playing them. Stay tuned, for further updates as the years go by!

Yardages, below, are from the Yellow Tee and (Forward Tee). The Yellow tee is the "tee of the day" for visitors.

Click on smaller-sized photos to see in a larger-size image.... If you wish to!

From the St. Andrews Links Trust Scorecard and Course Guide:
"The Six" Course Layouts on the East Side of Town
The Eden Course Layout
The Course Scorecard

Arriving at The Eden

The Eden Course Clubouse


Checking In

Viewed From 1st Tee Area

The Tee Area
The clubhouse and 1st Tee area are "parkland"-like.
Heading out to a true links course, stopped only by the Eden Estuary.

Behind the 1st Tee is a well-used Practice Area

1st - Eden Course
Par 4, 301 (270) Yards
(Reminder: The smaller photos are clickable if you want to see them in a larger-sized image).

1st Tee
Uncomplicated. A nice beginning!
1st Second Shot and Approach Area
To the right of the shown-path is the Old Course.

2nd - Eden Course
Par 4, 438 (438) Yards (Par-5 Forward Tee)
Straight Forward - It is Not Complicated...!

2nd Tee
2nd - Green Area Looking to Old Course Across the Path

3rd - Eden Course
Par 4, 402 (402) Yards (Par-5 Forward Tee)
A slight left-to-right dogleg and slightly downhill on second shot.

3rd Tee
3rd - Second Shot Area
The 4th green is just a few steps off the 3rd green - so:
Please don't pull your second shot!
3rd - Second Shot Area...
Green Area - VERY Near 4th Tee

4th - Eden Course
Par 4, 251 (240) Yards
The green is slightly uphill at the end. A wonderful driving hole.

4th Tee Area - Looking Across to the Old Course
4th Tee
That is the 3rd green a few steps to your left;
Stay alert for the playing group's (behind you) approach shots.
For your drive: Don't go right....
4th - Second Shot Area

5th - Eden Course
Par 3, 125 (119) Yards
All the par 3's at The Eden are very good golf holes. The 5th is, in fact: Terrific.
The green is tucked back into a wind-protected, mounded-uphill area and it takes a correctly-measured shot to remain on the green.
Long? You will be pitching back to the green from the 6th tee.

The 5th and the 8th par-3 "fairways" criss-cross each other.
For the 5th, you tee off on the "left" of the two tees.
You will come back soon to play the 8th. That is the 7th green shown in this photo.

5th Tee
A real beauty, this par-3. As is, to your left as you view the 5th: The 8th!
Looking Back to the 5th - Green, Tee and Eden Estuary
This view is from the 6th tee; some of us will be chipping back to the 5th green from here.

6th - Eden Course
Par 4, 376 (371 - Par 4) Yards

6th Tee
Straight! The Eden is NOT complicated.
Assuming that you CAN hit a straight tee shot....
6th Second Shot Area

7th - Eden Course
Par 4, 304 (291) Yards
Another hole near the Eden Estuary. If the tide is in - a special spot.

7th Tee

7th Tee - Looking Across the Eden Estuary
The opening to the North Sea is clearly seen - on a nice day!

8th - Eden Course
Par 3, 155 (139) Yards
We come back, with this tee shot, to where the 8th and the 5th par 3s "criss cross" each other.
Both are fine par 3 golf holes.

8th Tee
The green to the left, is the 8th. The one to the right is the 5th.
Of course.... make certain that you PLAY FROM the correct teeing area!
8th Green Area
This photo is cropped out-of the previously-shown tee shot on the 8th.
A 3 is a welcomed score on the 8th at The Eden.

9th - Eden Course
Par 5, 484 (466) Yards
No mystery - Just, great views including "back to town" - especially in the early-evening.

9th Tee - Looking to Hole and Town
9th Tee Area - Looking to Eden's Upcoming Second Nine Area
9th Second Shot Area
9th Green Area
(Sorry, for the quality of this image. It is cropped from a larger-sized photo. It will be replaced after our next visit to the Eden's 9th Green)!

10th - Eden Course
Par 3, 187 (148) Yards
Heading back out from the clubhouse. Sometimes, a 9-hole late afternoon game will be fine. If so, this could be your starting hole.

10th Tee

11th - Eden Course
Par 4, 364 (327) Yards
Another nice, uncomplicated Par 4.

11th Tee
11th Second Shot Area

12th - Eden Course
Par 4, 326 (283) Yards
Yes, there is a tree on The Eden - at the 12th green.

12th Tee
12th Second Shot Area
12th Approach and Green Area

13th - Eden Course
Par 4, 404 (404) Yards (Par-5 Forward Tee)
Another wonderful driving hole.

13th Tee
13th Second Shot Area
13th Fairway - View to the Eden Estuary
With the Old Course,the New Course and the Jubilee a'far past The Eden.
If the tide is "in" - A nice view!

14th - Eden Course
Par 4, 334 (316) Yards
A "watery grave" on your drive or second shot. You need to be precise on BOTH shots.
You may have a wait on this tee; you need to wait until the upcoming Par-3 15th green is clear.

14th Tee
14th Second Shot Area
14th Green Area - Viewed from the 15th Tee
The "watery grave" is very apparent, as shown here.

15th - Eden Course
Par 3, 151 (108) Yards
No mystery - a nice, short-ish Par-3.

15th Tee
15th Forward Tee
15th Green Area - Viewed from the 16th Tee
Looking back down the short Par-3 15th.

16th - Eden Course
Par 5, 523 (433) Yards
The longest hole on The Eden; a true 3-shots-to-the-green Par-5 for most of us.

16th Tee
16th Second Shot Area
16th Approach Area
A View of the Strathytrum Course from The Eden's 16th Tee
(Right side of this photo)
An 18-hole course - We have not played it - but, it looks in terrific condition.
We give it a try the next visit to St. Andrews.

17th - Eden Course
Par 4, 407 (378) Yards
Another fine Par-4 driving hole on The Eden.
Don't go right....

17th Tee
Sorry, we did not get another photo of the 17th from the fairway/green area. Another time, we will do so!

18th - Eden Course
Par 4, 334 (317) Yards
A shorter-Par-4 to finish-up a nice day on The Eden.

18th Tee
18th Second Shot Area

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