Scotland - St. Andrews Links - Mid-April/Early-May of Various Years
Miscellaneous Photos

If you have clicked-on the other photos in this (the April/May from various years of golf-oriented visits to Scotland by my wife and I) you have seen photos of the three primary courses that we play during our three-to-four week bi-annual trip: The Castle Course, The New Course and The Jubilee Course. These courses are all managed by The St. Andrews Links Trust.

This Web page is an accumulation of a selction of other photos that we have taken of "things" and places that we enjoy and always marvel at when we visit the St. Andrews area.

The photos are placed here for safe-keeping - that's all. No other purpose is intended! Anyone visiting the St. Andrews area will, no doubt, partake in other-than St. Andrews' golf. This Web page just shows some of the places/sites/etc. that we enjoy.

Photos in this Web page are (at this time) primarily from years 2007 and onwards.

I am not a camera/photo-expert; the photos are taken using a mid-price-range 3-year-old digital camera. Your camera is probably superior! If you have photos of any of the St. Andrews' area that you could point me to - I would love to see them.

We enjoyed the days -- and, we hope you enjoy the photos.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Web page -- give me a shout. eMail me regarding this Web page

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Miscellaneous Photos Taken While Visiting St. Andrews, Scotland Area - April/May Various Years

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The R&A Clubhouse

Of course, many of you will - especially if this is your first / only golf trip to St. Andrews - will play this 18th green and the first tee of The Old Course. Special. Even if you don't play the course - take the time to go here, especially late in the day with the sun setting on the clubhouse. Quite amazing and unforgettable.



The Town Of St. Andrews

A magical place. The following is just a sampling.

Town Views
View over the Ladies Putting Green (Open to All!)

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(The following are all from 2007 and 2009)
Town Cemetery and Ruins
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The Beach(es) Of St. Andrews

A walk - on either of the main beaches of St. Andrews is a popular place to spend part of the morning/day/early-evening.
The Beach on the Old Course Side of Town
This is the beach shown in the movie "Chariots of Fire".


(Alongside the Jubilee Course - A Couple of Miles Out On The Beach)



The Beach on the Castle Course Side of Town
Tide is "In"
Tide is "Out" (12 minutes later)

"The Himalayas" - The Ladies Putting Green

Although known as "The Ladies Putting Green" and managed (I believe... although this may have changed over the years) by the Ladies Golf of St. Andrews - All players are welcome during parts of week/year. Although I have never played it -- I enjoy watching others play here, while I lunch in the Visitor's clubhouse. Someday, we take the time to play the course.
Sunday Morning Not Open, Yet! Wait a couple of hours. The Players - Viewed From The Clubhouse

The Jigger Inn

At least once, drive over to the Old Course Hotel and stop by the Jigger Inn. Although "modernized" -- it is, still, a great place to relax.

Visit A Local Fife Town

Take an afternoon off of golf and visit one of a number of smaller / interesting local villages.
Ceres, Fife
Crail, Fife

Play Another Course

Ok. We love St. Andrews and the Links Trust - managed courses. With the 3-day or 7-day ticket: They are perfect for our trips. However, we do take a couple of day's off from the St. Andrews' courses and play something in addition. Dornoch is an overnight trip as is Cruden Bay. For a short-day trip: We play the second course at Carnoustie: The Burnside. We enjoy it! We have NOT (yet) played the second courses at Dornoch and Cruden Bay; we have only played their Championship courses. Their second courses are on our to-do list!

Carnoustie's Burnside 6th Second Shot
Carnoustie's Burnside 18th Green

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