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03/09/2011: "Tees at North Ridge"

I am curious how/why the "new" repositioned tees at North Ridge came about.

The "new" Red tees, I assume, came about because some players who played the "old" Red tees felt the Red tee locations were too far back -- and, the "old" Black (forward) tees were too far forward. The solution from whoever made the change affected the "old" Black tee player -- by simply removing the Black tees and moving nearly all the Red tees to be where the Black was! I assume, now, the players who (basically) play the "old" Black tees can now tell their friends they still play the Red tees? It makes little sense, to me.

The affect to the players who used to play the "old" Black tees (Forward Tees) is that five of the eight par 5s on the two courses are no longer reachable in regulation for the "old Black" tee players. Seems kind of a shame, to take the joy out of playing five holes. Those par 5s were very nice/fun par 5s for forward-tee players.

Perhaps someone puts those five tees up forward again and invents a "new" set of tees -- that end up being the old Black tees -- again, giving the persons playing the "Red" and "old Black" tees an option. As it is now, they removed the option for a forward tee player.

Then, the next move was to come up with a "new" Black tee -- and, again (in my opinion) take the fun out of some of the par 5s. The tee locations (in my opinion) for the new Black tee should be re-thought, trying to place the Black tee in places that players who play from the tees can reach the green in regulation with good shots on ten of the fourteen non-par 3s. In my opinion, the tees have been set out coming up with some over-all distance in someone's opinion -- and, has not taken into consideration the joy of the game. A shame, in my view.

Update on May 22, 2010: .... Comments: Well..... Someone changed the Ladies Tees at North Ridge once again. In my opinion, removing four fun holes -- by moving the tees back to where they were before they moved them forward. A shame. Making the golf course less fun for many of the ladies.... but, if they are happy and I am wrong -- Ok, by me. I think, though, that having only one tee for the ladies should be re-thought. The ladies who complained the course was too short could have played the two shorter Men's tees (in my opinion) - the "new" Black tees and the White (Senior) tees. I would think such movement-of-tees continually would be something the club members should have a chance to comment on.

Lastly, we have talked about on this discussion board -- and, the SGA committee in 2008 agreed -- that age has nothing to do with what tee we play. Why did I see that age is being put back into the equation? It makes no sense to me.

In my view: Play from whatever tee you enjoy. In my case (I know, I repeat myself... but, I do not get feedback from others on this) I enjoy a tee set that allows me to reach the green in regulation on 10-of-14 (or so) non-par 3s. That is the criteria that I use.

Any comments?

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