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08/19/2008: "What is Your Favorite Golf Hole - and: Why is it the Favorite?"

I decided to bypass a discussion of "Favorite Golf Courses" and go directly to a question about Favorite Golf Hole.

Note that I would like it if someone could say, specifically, what golf hole is their favorite -- and, why!

Possibly, from that, we could eventually move to favorite golf courses.... however, I have a feeling that trying to identify a favorite golf course would vary too much as a player's experience (with various golf courses) changes. For example, my favorite courses when I was in my 20s are different than those I find wonderful as I play during my latter 60s.

However, we all may have ONE favorite golf hole. Some hole, somewhere, in our lifetime that has meant a lot to us and that we would love to / hope to play once again.

Perhaps, regularly, if that hole is on our "home" course! Perhaps, yearly, if we regularly vacation at some golfing area. Perhaps, "one more time" if we remember a golf hole/experience-with-a-golf-hole that we would like to repeat.

Any comments? Thank you, in advance!

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on Tuesday, August 19th, SCScompA said

I love "remembering" and trying to figure out if there is (for me) "one" of anything. With golf, there are so many variables that might combine to make a favorite hole that it is tough to come up with just one single hole. For me, it happens to not be a hole that I play regularly, it is not a hole on which I had a hole-in-one, it is not the most beautiful (scenery-wise) hole that I have ever played. However, the first time I came upon the 13th hole at Gullane's #2 Course in Scotland I knew that I had found my "home hole". From the tee you see the entire hole in front of you, it is slightly left-to-right at the end of the hole, a perfectly laid-out, fair, two-level green - and in April (when I play there) the yellow bushes are in bloom. Wonderful. I know that my ashes will someday be under this hole's yellow bushes.

Yes, my playing partner on that first day I saw this hole is still with me and she plays a large part in why Scotland's 13th hole at Gullane #2 Course is my favorite.

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