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General Comments

Lab exercises are used during an assistance from SCScompA as a way to allow the home computer user and SCScompA to have a set of topics and ideas that may be commonly discussed. The lab exercises are a beginning for the discussions and are not intended as end-alls on their own.

The lab exercise is discussed in general at the end of a prior assistance period, introduced to the home computer user as a way for the user to work on his/her own time as "homework". Then, when the next assistance occurs, each item the home user accomplished during the homework is discussed one-on-one with SCScompA to ensure all items and whatever questions the home user has documented are fully addressed. As the home user progresses through the labs, eMail is used as a vehicle for assisting with "stopper"-type matters that may come up during the homework. There is no charge for eMail help with the labs as part of an overall assistance.

The scenario intended for the following labs is:

  1. General meeting between SCScompA and the home computer user. Discussions during this first meeting are intended as a setting-of-objectives for the overall assistance including lab exercise direction. Lab 1 is discussed from an overview and objective point of view and Lab 1 itself is handed to the home user. There is no fee for this initial meeting.

  2. The home user works on Lab 1 at his/her speed with possible help via Email. In some cases, the home user is not yet prepared for using eMail. In these cases, phone assistance is offered from SCScompA on an as-time-allows basis. Once the home user has completed Lab 1 as homework, an assistance session time is scheduled. There is no fee for this home-work-with-eMail/phone assistance.

  3. Lab 1 assistance is done at the home user's PC together with SCScompA. After all questions/concerns have been discussed, the next lab (Lab 2) is discussed from an overview and objective point of view and the Lab 2 exercise itself is handed to the home user. The fee for discussing Lab 1 and handling related matters plus introducing Lab 2 is $25 per hour.

    The above two steps may take a day, a week, a number of weeks: It simply depends upon the home user's available time and resources to do the lab homework and scheduling availability with SCScompA for the fee session or multiple fee sessions.

  4. Steps two and three, above, are repeated for follow-on lab exercises that are aimed at meeting the home user's overall objectives.

    As many family members as are reasonable to share this time is possible. One-on-one is normal, but generally up to three family members at an assistance is acceptable. This depends upon the overall objectives of the home user or users.

Select, from the entries below, to either browse online the following labs or download them for offline printing.

If you use the labs for any productive reason, please send $10 USA to SCScompA for each lab you download. Once you have sent the $10 USA to the following address, and are registered with SCScompA for that lab, you will have eMail support from SCScompA for that lab. Note: Some labs you download are partial extractions from the entire lab due to server space (and, download time for many of us) reasons. For labs that are partial, contact SCScompA for the entire lab and a printed copy will be mailed to you in next-day mail. Cost for this are $10 USA plus $4 Shipping and Handling.

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SCScompA Lab Exercise Examples

Lab Number and Name

Lab Topics/Comments

SCScompA Lab 10 - Examples of Getting Started Using America Online

Aimed at persons who have completed Lab 1 and Lab 2 or have equivalent background. Getting started with America Online, with lab exercise examples of using America Online offline as well as online. A "final exam" is included as a summary of lab activities.

Download: Lab 10 Zip File of Lab 10 "Getting Started with America Online".

Note: This is a partial extract from the entire Lab 10. Contact SCScompA for the entire lab (see the above note for partial labs)

SCScompA Lab 11 - Examples of Getting Started Using HTML at Home and with America Online on the Internet

Aimed at persons who have completed Lab 1 and Lab 2 or have equivalent background. Getting started with HTML for display of text and pictures on your local PC, followed by an exercise moving that material to the Internet using America Online. The information, then, may be viewed by family members and friends who do not have access to your local PC.

Download: Lab 11

View HTML: SCScompA Lab 1 - Getting Around (within!) Your Computer

Becoming familiar with your computer hardware and basic introduction to the computer operating system (Windows).

Download: Lab 1

View HTML: SCScompA Lab 2 - Getting Started With and Using Windows

Beginning to use the computer operating system (Windows) and beginning to use applications which are under the control of Windows, including installation of an application and seeing how that application is made available to the user of Windows.

Download ZIP: Lab 2 ZIP

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