SCS Computer Assistance Digital Camera/HTM Examples: Holiday 2000 Jigsaw Puzzle

These photos were taken indoors using an Olympus D-400 ZOOM camera. The digital images were taken from the camera's SmartMedia and placed in the home PC by copying the images through the use of a Camedia Floppydisk Adapter.

Once inside the PC, PaintShop Pro was used to slightly edit the images.

An HTM file, then, was built for showing the pictures you are now seeing.

It will take some minutes for the images to be downloaded by your Web browser. Please wait until your browser indicates it is "Done" loading the images.

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We have a tradition of working on at least one jigsaw puzzle during the end-of-year holiday season. It is a nice way to spend the cool/cold evenings in front of an open fire in our part of the world.

The following puzzle was NOT "fun". It took a lot of piece trial-and-error since the cut of the pieces was similar.

We purchased the puzzle from the USGA (United States Golf Association) catalog for about $25 USA. The puzzle caught our attention due to the box it came in: It fits nicely in our bookcases and I think that is a good way to store puzzles you have worked on -- and, later on, find them for a second try!

Although we completed the puzzle, it was not one that I would recommend (due to the similarity of piece cut) -- so, I will look around for a second winter-2000/2001 puzzle. Let me know if you have any suggestions from what you complete. I prefer a 500-to-1000-piece puzzle from a manufacturer such as Ravensburger. I will see what I can find on the Web and let you know how that turns out.

The following is a summary of the puzzle recently completed.

The Box

This picture was created by scanning the front/back sides of the box and putting the two-scanned images into one using PaintShop Pro.

Getting Started

All the remaining pictures were taken, inside the house, by the Olympus camera mentioned earlier in this Web page.

Note that the top border of the puzzle was frustrating, at this point. Due to the similarity in how the puzzle pieces were cut, we were uncertain as to what piece went where!

Making Progress

We eventually took the top border off and worked from the inside to the outside. Unconventional for me... and, I did not enjoy testing piece by piece. Oh, well, we completed it!

Note in the bottom of the following, how similar the pieces are cut.


Next time I try a Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle.

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