SCS Computer Assistance Digital Camera/HTM Examples: Holiday December 2000

These photos were taken indoors and outdoors, using an Olympus D-400 ZOOM camera. The digital images were taken from the camera's SmartMedia and placed in the home PC by copying the images through the use of a Camedia Floppydisk Adapter.

Once inside the PC, PaintShop Pro was used to slightly edit the images.

Some pictures were put onto one background (multiple pictures per single JPG) -- again, by using PaintShop Pro.

An HTM file, then, was built for showing the pictures you are now seeing.

It will take some minutes for the images to be downloaded by your Web browser. Please wait until your browser indicates it is "Done" loading the images.

Contact SCScompA with any comments or questions.

We hope you had a safe and happy holiday season 2000-2001 -- with a wonderful start to 2001.


In each of the following, there is mention of the size of the JPG in kilobytes (KB). For this example, take a look at your watch, now. Write down the time in minutes/seconds.

As we have discussed before, if you choose to put your pictures on the Web and point to them using an HTM-type approach you build yourself or with some product, it is of value to you to know how long your friends/family who look at those pictures will have to spend "waiting" for the view.

However, for this example: If you have written down the current time in minutes/seconds we will see how long this basic example's KB takes to load!. It will take a number of minutes if you are on a "normal" connection speed. If you do not want to continue this Web page, waiting for the images to load: Simply click on "Stop" or "Back" on your Web browser's command bar.

When your Web browser indicates it is "Done" loading, write the current time down again (in minutes and seconds) and let me know how long it took to the "Done" or "Completed" indication for your system. At the end of this Web page I discuss this in more detail for those of you who are interested in this matter.

Another Holiday Table is Ready

Last month we showed a Thanksgiving-oriented table. This is a picture of a holiday buffet table ready for the arrival of friends/family.

A number of separate digital pictures were put in a single JPG. Size of this JPG is 222 KB.

In Another Room - The "Bread Men" Watch Over Things

The breads are known as "Grittibänze" and it is a traditional holiday bread.

Size of this JPG is 70 KB.

Another Type of Cookie

When I annually visited Belgium in January (1977-thru-1998) I had "Speculoos" and enjoyed them very much. Since I do not make that trip, now, I tried to make some hand-made. The following pictures summarize that activity.

Size of this JPG is 70 KB.

Another Type of Cookie...

Putting some JPGs into one, gives the following.

Size of this JPG is 74 KB.

Another Type of Cookie...

The recipe we tried is shown below. It turned out that my initial tasting was not to my liking -- so, I modified the following as shown in the next picture.

Size of this JPG is 158 KB.

Another Type of Cookie...

This is the modified recipe. It came closer to my taste -- but, we are still working on it! Let me know if you have a better recipe for Speculoos-type cookies: Or, let me know how your trial/tasting of this recipe comes out!

Size of this JPG is 173 KB.

Please let me know if you have a good "Speculoos"-style cookie recipe. In the meantime I will continue to work on this one to see if we can match what we used to purchase in Belgium.

Wood Working

The tree-people came to our neighborhood and splitting/stacking the wood ended up being a good way to work off some of the holiday overeating!

Size of this JPG is 113 KB.

Wood Working...

The tree-people, themselves! They did the cutting and we did the splitting / stacking. Very satisfying, when finished. Instant gratification!!!

Size of this JPG is 50 KB.

Wood Working - How We Will do It!

Size of this JPG is 102 KB.

Wood Working - Some Completed

Size of this JPG is 79 KB.

Wood Working - Finished!

To be burned next year, after drying.

Size of this JPG is 100 KB.

Wood Working - Finished...

We head into the house to enjoy last year's wood that has dried so well and look forward to next year's crop!

Size of this JPG is 77 KB.

How Long For Your Web Browser / System?

Check your watch, if you have not done so already. How long did it take you to go through this set of pictures?

If you are not interested in "details" -- ignore the following comments.

The total amount of KB loaded was approximately 1288. In my America Online-to-my-home dial connection, I am connected at about 49 KB (using a 56Kbps dial modem). Taking the 1288 to be 1288000 (K=1000) and multiplying by 10 (for number of bits plus some overhead) results in 12880000. Dividing by the 49000 (remember the K is 1000!) I estimated it would take 12880000/49000 or 263 seconds (around 4 1/2 minutes).

Let me know your experience as regards to this estimate.

Have a GREAT 2001!!!!!

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