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Prior to starting SCScompA, I was not particularly familiar with how a home user might use a home computer. I had just retired from IBM after 30 years. I starting with IBM working with large systems, applications, and networks. In the later years with IBM I worked with UNIX (primarily IBM's AIX) in standalone networks and in networks interconnected with large IBM (host) servers. In fact, I was unusual in that I never had a PC in my office; I used an AIX machine as my primary office machine and a "dumb" (non-operating-system-driven) terminal connected to the large IBM host as a workstation. I did have a PC (a laptop) as a personal machine for use when I travelled and a PC at home for very basic home applications and for network phone connection to the IBM host which did most of the processing for my projects.

My PC experience was Windows NT - based and any projects I was involved with at IBM related to PCs used Windows NT.

After I retired from IBM I decided to document what I experienced as I started using my home PC as a home user. The following chapters of that documentation are intended to show you what type of information I am documentating and, in turn, no doubt I will hear from some of you regarding your views/experience/opinions on such documentation's value. There is no reason to continue documenting home user information such as the following if it is not of value to anyone. Let me know, if you browse any of the following chapters, if the information assists you in your use of home computers.

I will add chapters to this portion of the web page once in awhile. I start out by showing the chapter on WinZip I wrote first. Although not the first chapter in a home user-oriented document, WinZip -- or something like WinZip -- and how to use it, is an integral part of a home user's computing experience.

Let me know YOUR thoughts and experiences. Thanks and

SCS Computer Assistance

Dave Shogren

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View HTML: Getting Started with WinZip

How and why you use WinZip and where you may obtain WinZip.

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