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The photographs shown in this example are in the PC as a result of being obtained from a digital camera or from scanning a photograph. The following pictures default to digital camera origin and, if not, the shown picture will be identified as a scanned image. If digital camera, the photograph has been taken at a max of 1.3 megapixels (1280 x 960), with many of the digital pictures having been taken at a less pixel size (640 x 480). In many cases, even if the digital picture was taken at these-mentioned sizes, the picture has been resized for showing on PC screens. I try to keep most images to have a maximum height of 550 pixels for PC-display. I use Paint Shop Pro (from JASC) as my primary application for modifying/resizing/coming photographic images into one image (photo).

Scanned photographs are scanned at 300 PPI (Pixels Per Inch), 150 or 100 PPI, and the chosen PPI will be identified in the comments for that particular image.

The following is aimed at showing examples of using the PC, digital cameras, and perhaps scanners, as part of home PC environment. Hopefully, the shown pictures will give you some ideas for your home use of PCs.

Contact SCScompA if you have any comments/questions regarding anything that is shown in this Web page.

Some Comments and Examples Regarding use of a Digital Camera

We have discussed this topic many times in past SCScompA newsletters. However, a few updated comments follow, together with some examples. Don't hesitate to take a look at earlier newsletters for additional information. As always, if you have questions/comments, please take the time to get in touch with us via eMail using: SCScompA@aol.com

Example of Digital Camera "Out of Focus"

I am not a photographer. Yet, I take a lot of photographs, especially now that digital cameras make things easy for me to use photographs on a PC/home-computing system.

The ways in which I use digital camera and PCs sometimes end up having the picture (when shown on the PC) appear "fuzzy" (out of focus). If I was a better photographer and paid more attention at the time of taking a photograph: I would have a much better chance of showing a nice quality photograph (image) on the PC.

In my experience (again: I am not a photographer -- I just take pictures! Sometimes, with more of a "professional" objective than at other times..) the primary reason for my ending up with a picture out of focus is simple:

Below, are a couple of examples.

A "Still" Life Picture

The following is an example of a close-up picture, shown when intentionally forced to be "fuzzy" by not holding the digital camera steady (shown on the left, below) and the other picture showing the result of holding the camera steady.

The download size of this picture is: 37 KB

To see the picture in larger size, click on either side's image shown (below).

A "Nature-Oriented" Picture

Although the following was taken at two different times of day, the left-side picture is not focused and the right-side picture is improved. I am not sure if it was due to improper focusing the digital picture or if I moved the camera when taking the picture. In any case, it is an example of why -- if you want to improve the chance of a good picture: Take two, if you have time do so!

The download size of this picture is: 67 KB

To see the picture in larger size, click on either side's image shown (below).

A Scanned Valentine Card

To celebrate Valentine's -- I scanned the following card. I scanned it at 300 PPI (pixels per inch) and, then, resized things as necessary to be shown here.

The download size of this picture is: 47 KB

If you want to see the parts of the Valentine "behind" the clickable parts of the card, Click Away!

Happy Valentine's Day.

Click Here for Valentine's Wish 1! Click Here for Valentine's Wish 2! Click Here for Valentine's Wish 3! Click Here for Valentine's Wish 4!

A Great Golf Hole

Recently I played four days in Florida USA. This is an example of the many beautiful golf holes I was fortunate to play. The tee-shot required that I stay clear of the right side. I did that... but hit slightly more left and farther than I needed to -- and ended up just behind the palm trees on the left side of the fairway.

Yes, my second shot hit the palm trees. Why do golf course designers always put trees in front of me?

Next time, if I am fortunate to play the course again: I will be careful to clear the right side -- and not be as far down the fairway to have the palm trees come into play for the second shot.

This is a very well-designed par 5.

The download size of this picture is: 54 KB

A New Wall, Continued

Last month, I showed a wall from a golf hole from my "home course" in Raleigh NC USA. This is an updated view.

The download size of this picture is: 156 KB

A Resting Golf Hole

Again, from my "home course" in Raleigh NC USA, this picture shows a terrific par-5 that recently was modified. The grass is dormant this time of year, but by early May it will be green and the golf hole will be back in play after a 6-month modification period.

The download size of this picture is: 122 KB


Let me know if you have played -- or expect to play in the future -- the above golf holes.

I wish you well in your picture taking and travels or other activities -- and hope you share that with a journal and Web-type of presentation you share with family/friends.

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