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Multiple images are downloaded by this file. Please have patience until your web browser lets you know it has downloaded the images (a "Document Done" message or something similar will let you know that). It will take a few minutes! If you do NOT want to continue, just press the Stop button of your browser, followed by the Back button.

Test Animation

This is an example of multiple JPGs taken into Animation Shop.

Animation Shop is an application from JASC, the developers of PaintShop Pro.

The photos in this "Animation" were taken by an Olympus digital camera, moved to the PC by using a Flash Disk floppy disk adapter, slightly modified (resized and other small changes) and then moved easily into JASC Animation Shop.

The example shown could definitely benefit from having the digital camera positioned on a tripod to ensure all pictures were taken from the same camera position. However, a tripod was not available -- so, the following pictures taken over a 4-day period are not ideal: But, hopefully give you an example of a simple animation.

Let me know if you have applications that you use -- or, could use -- an animation approach.

The size of this animation is 261 KB. Can you tell how many pictures, over the four days, are in this animation? Yes.... 7.

Can you tell what the animation is aimed at showing? Yes.... An orchid bud coming to bloom.

Scanned Text as an Image

I sometimes have documents I want scanned. Why? To save them on my PC for different reasons including:

The size of the image shown, below, is 116 KB. with the scanner options being to scan 256 shades of grey.

Scanned as color, the image was 223 KB. The quality of the image was slightly better when scanned in color -- but, certainly, for saved documents scanning grey is fine.

Give some thought, as you read the following, how you feel about the reported "Top 50 Feats of USA Government" and let me know your families' view of the top 50 feats of "The World" over the past fifty years. It may bring forward some interesting discussions.

Another Example of Scanned Text Old Pictures

I ran across this old picture this month.

I include it as an example of scanning pictures and viewing them online -- but, in addition: If you or someone in your family attended the following class: Send me an eMail! I, unfortunately, cannot find in my documentation any list of names of attendees; so, I only remember one of the following persons.

This "cannot find a list of accompanying information to the picture" is a good example of why we should document pictures that may be of some interest someday: And, in turn, have a way to access the pictures and the documention.

Sounds like a good application for a home PC system, correct?

In any case, let me know if you recognize anyone in the following picture.

The size of the shown image is 120 KB.

A Great Golf Hole

Since Winter in our (mid-South USA) part of the world is nearly over, and I will soon be having a vacation in Scotland, I include this month a picture taken at golf course I will soon be playing.

Let me know if you can identify the name of this golf course -- and, if you know the golf hole's name (it is one of the most copied-by-golf-course-designers holes in the world).

The picture was taken in April, 2000, using an Olympus digital camera. The size of the picture is 27 KB.

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